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150 KMPC


150 KMPC

Overview and Specifications

Overview of Revolt RV 400: 

Revolt RV 400 bike is a newly launched electric bike by an Indian start-up named "Revolt Intellicorp". This fully-electric RV 400 bike is not only the first electric bike in India, but also the first AI (Artificial intelligence) enabled two-wheeler. This bike comes with a 3 kW electric motor having a 3.24kW lithium-ion battery and an instant torque of 170 Nm. Its body and frame are built in association with the Chinese electric vehicle company named "Super Soco". You will find amazing features such as flexible rear mono-shock, single cradle frame with 37 mm upside-down forks, aluminumswingarm, and a bolt-on sub-frame, etc.

Revolt 400 comes in basic and premium variant range. The technical specifications for both the variants are identical. The only difference is the few standard features in premium variants, such as bike immobilizer, push start, sound simulator system, and remote key, which are missing in its base variant and the earlier model, RV 300. You can opt for these features by paying a very nominal cost.

Revolt 400 is compatible with a mobile application powered by a 4G SIM-enabled by LTE through OTA updates. The bike has 3 riding modes that a user can change from the handlebar to change the top speed by adjusting the motor's response. The bike offers absolute grip due to its MRF Nylogrips tires with disc brakes in the front and CBS at the rear.

The bike comes in 108 kg weight which makes it fairly navigable on the street. The company claims that till now there are no competitors to Revolt RV400 at this moment in India, as no much variety of electric bikes available in the market.

Price of Revolt RV 400:

2019 is the year for asseveration of electric bikes and the one name emerging out in this revolutionary moment is no one but "Revolt Motors".

To make an owing pocket-friendly affair, the company has launched this motorcycle with an impressive offer of Motorcycle-as-a-service. This plan offers you a facility to buy the vehicle on monthly EMI.

For the Basic variant, you can purchase the bike at a starting range of Rs. 3,499/- per month whereas a premium variant is available at Rs. 3,999/- per month. With this, you will have to pay 37 monthly installments applicable for both the variants.

Considering all the mathematics in mind, this sporty bike is available at ex-showroom prices as:

RV 400 Base Model              - Check Latest Price

RV 400 Premium Model      - Check latest

You won't believe but this price is inclusive of all the additional costs we pay towards a down payment, maintenance, and insurance. For Premium Variant of RV 400, you even get 3 year 4G connectivity package and One-time Tire replacement within a 3 year of ownership included in this price.

Specifications of Revolt RV 400:

Our new generation is the most curious and passionate brains about bikes. They are damn curious to know and understand each feature and aspects of the machine before they own it. Check out the quick in detail list of questions you must ask before buying Revolt 400:

What is the mileage of Revolt 400 on road?

Revolt 400 claims to provide the top mileage of 85 km per hour on sports mode, 65 km per hour on normal mode and 45 km per hour on eco mode.

What is the performance of Revolt 400?

The brand new Revolt 400 is powered with a 3 KW lithium ion-based electric motor producing a maximum power of 3000 W and torque of 170 NM with an automatic transmission.

How much is the charging time required and what is the range of Revolt 400?

The charging time required for the bike to charge fully is 4.5 hours. The company claims that its range (ARI certified) is around 156 km per full charge on eco mode, 100 km per full charge on normal mode and 80 km per full charge on sports mode.

What is the charging mechanism in Revolt 400?

RV 400 offers an on-board charger that can be used on any 15 A conventional power socket to recharge its battery. It has a removable battery that can be easily taken to a user's home or workplace to recharge. The company also offers a dedicated network of battery swap locations. Here you can swap the recharged batteries at a nominal charge. There is another option, where you can order a fully-charged battery through the Revolt app and get it delivered at any location and preferred time slot. All this is quite similar to how any other e-commerce platform works.

What is the size and weight of Revolt 400?

The all-new Revolt 400 comes in size of 2156 mm (L) x 813 mm (W) x 1112 mm (H) with a wheelbase of 1350 mm and ground clearance of 215 mm. It weighs around 108 Kgs, which makes it easier for navigation on Indian streets.

What are the different body types and colors available in Revolt 400?

Revolt 400 has a sporty design body and currently available in two color schemes, Cosmic Black and Rebel Red.

What is the mechanism used in Revolt 400 to start the bike?

Like all other bikes, Revolt 400 also has two ways of start mechanism that is self and kick start.

Is Revolt 400 comes with gear? Does it function like Scooter, which means only accelerate and brake?

Revolt RV 400 works on an electric motor. The power is transmitted using a belt which drives the rear pulley mounted in the rear wheel. In this bike, both the brakes and accelerator are mounted on the handlebar itself. To run the bike you only need to accelerate it, there are no gears provided.

What kind of tires are used in Revolt 400?

Revolt 400 has tubeless tires of 90/80-17 tire at the front and 120/80-17 tire at the rear. The metal alloy has been used for manufacturing the wheels for its smooth movement on any types of streets.

What is the brake set up in Revolt 400?

The popular Revolt 400 has a combined braking system (CBS) with disc brakes. Simultaneously it also has a regenerative braking system (RBS). Suspension duties are handled by Upside Down forks in front and Monoshock absorbers at the rear.

What type and number of gears Revolt 400 have?

Revolt 400 has single speed Automatic Gearbox.

What are the standard features of Revolt 400?

If you are worried about the features of Revolt 400, don't you worry, as this new generation bike has covered all the fantastic features you require. It is equipped with a fully digital instrument console, four separate exhaust sounds, and Revolt smart key, etc. The company has also provided the Revolt App with the bike that is available on both iOS and Android platforms. This app has various connectivity features such as door-step battery delivery, anti-theft, bike locator, sound selection and preview, and mobile swap stations, etc.

What kind of Lights has been used for Revolt 400?

All the lights used in the headlamp, Tail light, as well as the Turn signal light at front and rear in Revolt 400 are LED-based.

How many years of warranty has been Provided for Revolt 400?

Revolt 400 comes with benefits such as product warranty of 5 years/ 75000 km (5 years by a third party and 1-year warranty by the company), unlimited warranty on Battery of 8 years/ 1.5 lakh km, and free maintenance benefits that is 3 years / 30,000 km.

Where can I buy Revolt 400 from?

Currently, Revolt 400 is available only in showrooms at Delhi, Mumbai, and Pune. Moreover, the bike will be soon available in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Nagpur, and Chennai for sale. However, the dates are not yet disclosed for its launch in these cities. Stay tuned.

Reviews of Revolt RV 400:

The Revolt RV 400 claims to be India's first electric motorcycle manufactured by Indian start-up "Revolt Intellicorp" headed by Rahul Sharma (Co-founder of Micromax Mobile). It is positioned as a commuter bike, though has an electric powertrain. It is said that it will be competing against the conventional 125 cc commuter bikes.

Now that it has been quite a few months for this bike in the market, we have done a little survey about the user experience about the Revolt 400 performance. Have a look at some of the reviews we received from its users:

  • Revolt 400 is a future bike that we were all waiting for. I'm very impressed with the artificial intelligence feature in the bike and most importantly it is an environment-friendly bike.
  • Revolt 400 comes with good looks, high efficiency, comfort, and honest commitment. I have just loved this bike. I feel this a great gift to the whole world. It will help us reduce pollution and protect the environment with its intelligence and give us a stylish look. I am very much confident that Revolt 400 is going to be a huge success both in India and abroad countries.
  • Being an electric bike, I was thinking it must be very costly. But to my surprise, it's a pocket-friendly bike and available only at Rs. 1 to 1.5 lakhs. In addition to that, the company is offering EMI options that can be opted at a very low monthly installment for 37 months. Overall I loved this new generation bike and it is best for small distance drives.
  • Dream Bike for Youngsters.
  • Change your riding experience with Revolt 400: It is a beautiful bike. It is a pollution-free and environment-friendly bike, I was waiting for. Its amazing features are the USP for this bike such as Artificial intelligence, dedicated app compatible with any iOS or Android device, removable battery, 4.5-hour battery life, and smart control system, etc. 
  • The battery power and mileage of Revolt 400 are significantly high as compared to other electric bikes available in the market. The price is also very economical and the company's EMI option plans are pocket-friendly.

So, why wait, go grab your Eco- friendly and fully electric bike today. All the best with your search.